Randy Willis | Bill Gates, Jack Daniels, Billy Graham

The story about choices from Louisiana Wind, a novel of Louisiana

March 27, 1898, The Texas Road. Calcasieu River, Rapides Parish, Louisiana

Just as I began trailing cattle, politics raised its ugly head. I’ll give you an example of what I mean. I was once told a story of a woman who wanted to know what her son would become. She put what little money she had on her kitchen table along with a bottle of liquor and a Bible. As her son approached their home she hid in a closet. She figured if he took the money he’d chase the almighty dollar; if he drank the whiskey he’d be a drunkard, and if he picked up the Bible he’d might just be a preacher.

When the boy saw all this he picked up the money quickly and stuffed it into his pockets; he then drank the entire bottle of the Devil’s poison, and finally he put the Word of God under his right arm and staggered out the door. The mother exclaimed, “Oh, no, he’s going to be a politician.”


Vaya con Dios, Randy Willis

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